DSCR - Rental Loans for Investors.

DSCR – Rental Loans for Investors Our DSCR rental loan program is designed specifically for experienced and first time investors seeking new purchase, refinance, and cash-out options. Targeting properties like single-family homes, 1-4 unit buildings, condos, and townhouses, we provide competitive rates and a variety of loan products, including 30-year fixed, ARM, and interest-only options. Catering to LLCs, Corporations, and LPs, our program offers up to 85% LTV for purchases and rate-and-term refinancing, ensuring a broad range of investment strategies can be accommodated.


Enhance your investment portfolio with our DSCR Rental Loan rates, ensuring you pay less in the long run, we help you maximize your returns on investment.


We believe in the dreams of every investor, which is why we offer DSCR Rental Loans ranging from $75K to $3.5MM. Our loans are tailored to fit investment projects of all sizes


Our DSCR Rental Loans open doors for foreign nationals looking to invest in the US property market. We've removed the geographic barriers to investment, extending opportunities to a global audience.


With a minimum FICO score requirement of just 640, we’ve made our DSCR Rental Loans more accessible to a wider range of investors. This inclusivity fosters a diverse investment community and supports investors even if they don’t have a perfect credit history.

Program Features

Credit Flexibility for Investors: Gain investment momentum with just a 640+ FICO score. Our loan programs are designed to welcome more investors into the real estate market, providing the credit flexibility necessary to grow your property portfolio.

Innovative Interest-Only Loan Structuring:  Maximize your cash flow with interest-only loans that boast qualification standards as low as 1.0x DSCR based on IO payments. These financial instruments are ideal for investors looking to optimize their initial expenses.

Broad Property Eligibility: Finance a variety of properties, from Single-Family homes to Townhomes. Our loans also cover vacation properties, offering long-term financing to turn leisure destinations into profitable investments.

Competitive Financing Options: With loans from $75K to $3.5M and up to 85% LTV for certain transactions, our financing options are built to suit investments of all sizes and ambitions. Choose from 30-year fixed, ARM, or interest-only loans to match your strategy.

Transaction Versatility: Whether you’re looking to purchase, refinance, or cash out, our loans are crafted to support your investment moves. Our streamlined process ensures that you can act quickly and decisively in the market.

Global Investor Inclusion: We open doors to international investors, offering global citizens the opportunity to participate in the lucrative US real estate market. Our program is tailored for foreign nationals who wish to diversify their investment portfolio.

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DSCR - Rental Loans for Investors.

Our program is designed to enhance your ability to grow and diversify your portfolio of rental properties, providing more working capital and financial flexibility. Connect with us today to explore how our DSCR Rental Loan program can elevate your real estate investment strategy.

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