Bridge and Hard Equity Financing Program

In the rapid changing world of real estate, quick action and flexibility are key to success. Power Capital Direct introduces its innovative Commercial and Residential Bridge Loan Program, designed to provide quick capital access tailored to your investment timeline and terms.

Our Bridge Loan Program excels in financing property acquisitions and refinancing existing mortgages, even beyond the scope of traditional financial avenues. This asset-driven approach focuses primarily on property potential, offering a flexible and competitive alternative to conventional financing methods.


Accelerate your property transactions with the ability to finance acquisitions or refinance mortgages in as little as 15 business days.


Enjoy the convenience of closing under your company’s name across the nation, with the exception of California and Arizona.


Our program is fully accessible to foreign nationals, expanding opportunities for international investors.


Prioritizing property criteria over borrower criteria, our program adapts to the unique merits of your investment.
Tailored Lending with Financial Agility

Program Features

Loan Amounts: Flexible financing ranging from $50K to over $20M+

Diverse Property Types:  Catering to a wide array of investment properties including residential (SFR, Condos, Townhouses) and commercial (Multifamily, Warehouses, Offices, Hotels,Retail).

Loan Type: Non-owner-occupied purchases and refinancing, primarily 1st position loans.

Loan-to-Value Ratio: Up to 70% for those without minimum score requirements.

Competitive Rates: Tailored to meet the needs of diverse investment scenarios.

Flexible Terms: Offering 12 to 36-month terms with balloon payments and interest-only options.

Borrower Benefits: Short or no prepayment penalties, same-day approvals, and welcoming foreign nationals.

Streamlined Underwriting: Asset-based approach with no tax return requirements (other documentation may be required).

Property Valuation: Appraisals required in some cases.

Transparent Costs:  Fees start at 2+ points, plus underwriting and valuation fees (points and fees not financed).

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At Power Capital Direct, we don’t just offer loans; we provide strategic financial solutions tailored to the dynamic needs of modern real estate investments. Explore our Bridge and Hard Equity Financing Program and propel your investments forward with confidence and speed.

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