Real Estate Financing.

Welcome to Power Capital Direct, where we redefine the landscape of real estate financing. In a market brimming with opportunities, our boutique finance company stands out as your premier partner for both residential and commercial real estate investments.

Our expertise and tailored services cater to the unique needs of each client, ensuring a streamlined and effective financing process.


Diverse Financial Solutions:

Our extensive range of financial products, including conventional and alternative financing options, ensures that we can structure transactions uniquely suited to your needs, enhancing approval chances.

Proven Track Record:

With over 30 years of industry experience, we excel in identifying optimal financing solutions, leading to more successful closings and expedited processes.

Client Driven

We offer comprehensive programs for various property types, coupled with automatic loan status updates, robust broker support, and personalized product training.

Tailored Services

Recognizing the value of collaboration, we offer attractive referral fees and a competitive compensation plan for both commercial and residential investment brokers, where permissible by law.

Bridge and Hard Equity loans.

In the rapid changing world of real estate, quick action and flexibility are key to success. Power Capital Direct introduces its innovative Commercial and Residential Bridge Loan Program, designed to provide quick capital access tailored to your investment timeline and terms.

Speed is crucial in real estate. Our Commercial and Residential Bridge Loan Program provides rapid capital acquisition, catering to both property purchases and mortgage refinancing outside traditional finance channels.


Commercial First Mortgages

Introducing our Hotel Lending and Permanent Commercial Loan Programs, designed for the real estate sector, we provide tailored financing solutions to empower investors and property owners. With loan amounts starting at US$5MM for a variety of property types across the continental United States, our Hotel Lending Program caters to the hospitality industry. The Permanent Commercial Loan Program extends our offerings to commercial properties, with loans up to $100,000,000+ and terms up to 30 years, accommodating diverse credit profiles. Both programs offer flexible, efficient financing, supporting strategic goals with innovative approaches.


Small Balance Commercial Mortgages

Tailored for diverse commercial properties, this program offers flexible financing solutions, catering to a wide array of commercial real estate sectors.

Unlock the potential of your real estate investments with our Small Balance Commercial Loan program. At PCD, we specialize in offering investors and commercial property owners across the United States a spectrum of flexible, cost-effective financing solutions.


Fix & Flip

Our Fix and flip programs are designed to do exactly what they’re named for: renovating and reselling a property in a short time period. Fast, robust, and reliable capital for real estate investors competing against cash to seize investment opportunities.

Designed for quick property renovation and resale, this program offers robust financing, allowing investors to focus on new opportunities without financial constraints.


Ground Up Construction Solutions

Our Ground Up Construction program is the cornerstone for experienced builders, contractors, construction companies, and investors targeting new construction and significant reconstruction projects.

Ideal for experienced builders requiring financing for major reconstruction or new builds, with no red tape and loan amounts up to $100M with Nationwide lending.


Residential Investment Programs

Our DSCR Rental Loan and Short-Term Rental Programs offer tailored financing solutions for investors in the rental property market. Designed for both experienced and first-time investors, our DSCR program supports new purchases, refinances, and cash-outs for properties such as single-family homes, 1-4 unit buildings, condos, and townhouses. With competitive rates and a range of loan products including 30-year fixed, ARM, and interest-only options, we aim to meet diverse investor needs. Meanwhile, our Short-Term Rental Program, perfect for Airbnb investments, increases your capital, enhancing flexibility for future opportunities. Supported by a team of Airbnb financing specialists, we ensure competitive rates and efficient service, making short-term rental investments more accessible and profitable.