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Latin America Services

At Power Capital Direct, we offer a comprehensive financial platform tailored specifically for Latin America. Our services provide access to both equity and debt capital across a variety of sectors including infrastructure, project financing, equipment financing, trade financing, as well as residential and commercial investment loans in the USA for non-US citizens.
Our presence spans the USA and LATAM, featuring a dedicated office in Colombia and robust alliances throughout the region. This strategic positioning enables us to leverage local knowledge and establish enduring partnerships with businesses and authorities, ensuring our clients receive unparalleled support.

Extensive Network

A formidable presence in LATAM, with offices and alliances in Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic.

360 Customer Service

Backed by over 30 years of investment and retail banking experience, our team adopts a comprehensive approach to customer service needs.

Diverse Financing Programs

Catering to a range of sectors from infrastructure and hospitality to real estate, and private investors looking to finance new properties in the USA.

Robust Capital

An expansive capital platform exceeding US$1 billion from institutional and private investors, ready to support the right project or transaction.


Project Financing

PCD’s project finance solutions are designed with a focus on specific projects, leveraging the assets associated with the project for financing rather than the sponsor’s entire asset pool. Repayments are structured around the future cash flow generated by the project. We collaborate closely with lenders and investors to fund billions of dollars in projects annually.

Sectors were we focus:
  • Infrastructure, Hospitality & Real Estate Development (evaluated on a case-by-case basis).
  • Financial Scope: Offers both debt and equity solutions starting from a minimum of $10M.
Residential and Commercial for Non-US Citizens

Residential and Commercial Investment Loans for Non-US Citizens

Understanding the unique needs of global consumers, PCD streamlines the mortgage process for non-US citizens. Our efficient process simplifies applying and closing on U.S. properties, making your U.S. real estate investment dreams a reality with PCD-LATAM Financing.

Embark on your investment journey in the U.S. with ease and confidence, starting with your very first property investment.


Trade Financing

Our Purchase Order Financing solutions empower our clients to promptly fulfill supplier payments, ensuring the uninterrupted continuation of their commercial expansion. This specialized financial support enables businesses to maintain and even accelerate their growth trajectory by facilitating the procurement of necessary goods and services without immediate financial strain.

Additionally, we offer comprehensive Receivable and Contract Financing programs designed to bolster ongoing operations and maintain operational liquidity. Together, these programs provide a robust framework supporting businesses at various operational stages, offering a flexible and dynamic financial environment for growth and innovation.


Latam Equipment Financing

Our tailored Equipment Financing Program, was specifically crafted for Latin America, to meet the complex needs of long-term industrial and commercial equipment investments across vital sectors such as Energy, Agriculture, and Construction, our program offers an unparalleled support structure.

We provide comprehensive financing solutions that cater to up to 90% of equipment transaction costs, accommodating a wide financing spectrum from $300,000 to $50 Million. This initiative is designed to empower your business by enabling immediate investment in essential equipment, ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder your growth, with flexible structures and repayment terms of 2 to 15+ years, depending on financing specifics.


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For direct assistance, our Colombian office is ready to serve your needs.



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