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Our financial platform provides access to equity and debt capital for the infrastructure sector, as well as project financing, equipment financing, trade financing and residential and commercial investment loans in the USA for non US citizens.

We have a national presence in the USA and regional Presence in LATAM with a representation office in Colombia and alliances in the rest of the region, which allow us to have local knowledge and capability reach to our clients locally with ongoing business relationships with local business as well as local authorities.


Regional Presence

Strong regional presence in LATAM  with representative and alliances in Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, and Dominican Republic

360 Customer Service

Our team has over 30 years of experience in investment and retail banking with a 360 customer service need approach.

Variety of Programs

From infrastructure, hospitality and real estate project, to private investors who wish to access financing for new properties in the USA.

Over US$1Billion in capital

We have an extended capital platform with institutional, family offices and private investors with over a billion in capital for the right project or transaction.


Project Financing

Project finance involves financing provided with recourse to the assets associated with a specific project rather than the sponsor’s entire pool of assets, and repayments are underwrite based on future cash flow of the project. We work closely with Lender/Investor underwriting sources who have billions of dollars in projects funded every year within their portfolio.

Sectors were we focus:
  • Infrastructure (Traditional & Renewable Energy, transportation, telecommunication, water treatments, etc.)
  • Hospitality & Real Estate Development (case by case)
  • Minimum amount: $10M
  • Debt and equity
Residential and Commercial for Non-US Citizens

Residential and Commercial Investment Loans for Non-US Citizens

We understand your needs as a global consumer, and our team is ready to help you wherever you may be. At PCD we have reshaped the mortgage loans for non us citizens, with a lineal and efficient process so you can apply and close with very simple steps, making the process of a U.S. mortgage easier than ever for non US citizens.

With PCD-LATAM Financing you can achieve your U.S. financial dreams and start the journey with a new property investment in the US.


Trade Financing

Purchase Order Financing

We provide our clients tailored made solutions for Purchase order financing, allowing to have enough capital to pay their providers and keep closing more commercial transactions.

Receivable Financing

We support our clients with the capital they need to carry receivables and keep their operation running while their business keeps growing.

Contract Financing

Our contract financing program, allows our customers to capitalize their operation with the contracts they have without limiting to their own capital..


Latam Equipment Financing

This program is designed for industrial and commercial equipment with long-term use. (Energy, Agriculture, Construction, Oil exploration, Mining, manufacturing, IT, etc.)

We can finance equipment transactions up to 90% between  $300,000 up to $50 Million with a diversity of structures to benefit the applicant. Typical repayment terms vary from 2 to 10 years and up to 15+ years, depending on the financing structure and size.


Contact us today and schedule a call.

We understand that every project and transaction is different and unique, in order to better customize our solutions for you, our team is ready to answer any questions you might have.  Please fill out this general form and one of our business consultants will contact you to guide you trough all the financing process.

You can also contact our representation offices located in Colombia.



Gustavo Sanchez

Colombia Representative


1430 South Dixie Hwy, Suite 204, Coral Gables Fl 33146



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